S. Clarke Woodruff D.M.D.

We want to provide the best care that the art and science of dentistry are capable of offering for any person.

We believe that every patient has his or her own unique desires and sensitivities, and that through efficient teamwork, we can offer compassionate care for any patient who is willing to grow and understand that dental health is necessary for the total health of the individual.

For these reasons, we are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of this practice.

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Restorative dentistry is designed to treat and repair or replace diseased, defective or damaged teeth.


Tooth implants provide a natural-looking appearance and long-lasting function. They are the gold standard for smile makeovers.


TMJ is a joint disorder that causes popping sounds and pain in the jaw.


Cosmetic dentistry is designed to provide patients with teeth that are evenly spaced, attractively shaped, white and healthy.

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I am actually starting to feel more comfortable when I have an appointment, so you all must be doing something right! Thanks for caring!
Wait time: 0 minutes Staff: Excellent Overall Rating: Excellent


Very professional and thorough. Dr. Woodruff takes the time to explain everything. He also took me in for an emergency visit and I was not a patient at that time.
Wait time: 5 minutes   Overall Rating: “Excellent”


I broke a front tooth by foolishly biting a pill in half. . Dr. Woodruff was able to rebuild the tooth from the gum-line, up! My wife and I were astonished at the outcome…. AWESOME!

Robert Schaffer